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The Health News Australia July 21 2017

The Health News Australia July 21 2017

#FoodAllergies #SriLankaDengueOutbreak #DementiaAwareness #DementiaResearch Fatalities from food-induced allergic reactions in Australia have been increasing by around 10% each year. As the number of Australians with severe food allergies rises, so too has the number of restaurant diners suffering food-induced anaphylaxis. To combat the problem a new online training course for hospitality workers was launched today by Sydney chef Alex Herbert, the website is Australia is contributing funds to help Sri Lanka combat its worst outbreak of dengue fever, which has claimed 250 lives and infected nearly 100,000 people so far this year in the Indian Ocean island nation. Australia is giving $ 475,000 Australian dollars to the World Health Organization to implement immediate dengue prevention, management and eradication programs in Sri Lanka. Doug Young was diagnosed with dementia in 2011 and has became one of more than 410,000 Australians with the disease, which has become the country's second leading cause of death. The Lancet recommendations for improving brain health and minimising the risk of dementia are: increasing education (past the age of 15), physical activity and social engagement while reducing smoking and obesity, treating blood pressure, depression, diabetes, and hearing impairment.

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