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How to POSITIVELY respond to the different energy peaks in the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic

How to POSITIVELY respond to the different energy peaks in the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic

This is a transcript. How to respond to the different energy peaks in the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic. The main points of this talk are: What do you want from this opportunity? What energies really need your focus Main peaks that you'll navigate Fantasy check - what really needs to be avoided Digging deep to honour and access the energetic force that created humans and the strong intelligence that guides the group What to do in your community with different peaks and their needs What you can do with your own ability, gifts and leadership capabilities Resilience Learning to adapt, using your creativity Being kind and helpful to your community Being the best human you can be, and forgive yourself and keep moving when you falter Welcome to everybody. We are the Ancestral Medicine Women and as you are all aware, all around the world there is a human crisis in-play and there has been a lot of speculation about why, how, who, there's been a lot of activity to try and curb the flow of the health crisis and there's been a lot of input. This is creating a lot of fear, a lot of anger, a lot of panic. It's also creating in some people a different response, one of kindness, one of service, one of positive activity and when you look at everything that is happening you can see that this is a very tight micro-picture, if you like, of the human condition. “This is the way humans are.” When we see it in our everyday life, it is sort of flattened out, subdued, so there are peaks where terrible things happen and people respond and then it goes back down into a trough and people behave in particular ways in those peaks and troughs. But right now, we have a prolonged peak, if you like, and this prolonged peak has been going now for, in some places for a few months, and for the rest of the world it is going to be going on for several more months. So, you have a few things that we can think about in this regard. One is the actual human condition.  How are people going to and when we talk about human condition, we do not mean necessarily physical health, what we mean is the condition of humans how they behave, what they do, how they think, this type of, how they feel, all of this type of thing. Their reactions to all of that and the ebbs and flows that that comes in. We could look at pop culture, this is a very good example of the human condition, the trends that occur and then they fall and then a new one comes and the human condition follows that in different ways and different guises. At the moment (amidst the Corona pandemic) we have a really clear picture of the human condition, the very best and the very worst. And this is stark because there isn’t in this particular situation, there isn't actually much of a middle ground. You are either behaving and experiencing and dealing with this situation in a good way, or the best way, or well, or you are dealing in it with a very difficult way, and a panic way and an anger way. So what we, in this regard, what we would say to people is that it's not helpful perhaps, is what we can say, it's not helpful to look at this situation as a blip in time, because when you look at it as a blip in time, or a moment in time, then you are looking at it in a very crisis mode. You are looking at it as an acute situation. For humans to come through this situation, this particular crisis which is going to take, the health crisis is going to be several more months and then you have the fallout from that which could take years. So, this situation right now is not just a crisis moment in time, this is going to go on for some time. So that means we have to start working now, the people that can work now. We have to start working now to flatten out that curve. Some are talking a lot about the flattening out the curve of the infections of this disease, or this illness,

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