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Sarah Holgen MS, CNS

Sarah Holgen MS, CNS

In her second Healing Corner interview, clinical nutritionist Sarah Holgen reflects on the full moon parasite cleanse, breaks down the skin and liver relationship, and explains terrain theory -- or, why viruses don’t like clean bodies. Find me @healing_corner on Instagram Sarah Holgen, MS, CNS @nutritionfortheppl on Instagram Website: sarahcns.com Email: sarah@sarahcns.com Contact Sarah for a free 15-minute consultation or to get on her waiting list Episode Notes: (See episode 1 for our first discussion) Parasite full moon cleanse follow up Cellcore.com and "full moon kit" -- DM or email sarah@sarahcns.com for her practitioner's code and to book a free consultation to prep Drainage therapies Enemas Grounding Detox symptoms Full Moon in March 2021 = worm moon according to farmer's almanac Skin + Liver relationship Eczema, psoriasis, cystic acne, itchy scalp, rashes The importance of sweat (5 million opportunities/pores to help us detox) Liver detox phases Ibuprofen and NAPQI Food tips for antioxidants for Phase 1 Proteins, vitamins, amino acids for Phase 2 Bile for Phase 3  Mineral salt as a regulator Iodized salt vs. mineral salt Tips for choosing the best salt The Bean Protocol by Karen Hurd Soluble fiber vs. insoluble fiber

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