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Dr. Katherine Erlich, M.D.

Dr. Katherine Erlich, M.D.

A board-certified pediatrician and author of the book Super Nutrition for Babies, Dr. Katherine Erlich M.D. shares pre-conception and pregnancy tips, first food recommendations (plus what to avoid) for ages 0-2, and which vitamins may help support our bodies' healthy immune function during COVID. Super Nutrition for Babies book on Amazon HealingtheWholeChild.com Dr. Erlich’s holistic pediatric practice in Franklin, MI (check out "Health Tips" for excellent info to support a sick or injured child, and tips for sleeping and eating!) Email Dr. Erlich for an appt: inquiry@healingthewholechild.com Healing the Whole Child Facebook page Discover organic farms, raw milk, CSAs, and/or source wild-caught fish near you: https://www.5thbranch.com/find-local-organic-farm-near/ ewg.org for product recommendations, guides, + egg rating scorecards Mom microbiome + vaginal seeding to establish a healthy microbiome Dietary guidance + overall tips: pre-conception, pregnancy, and post-partum Homemade baby formula recipe (raw milk-based and liver + bone broth formula) Food categories: CRAP, OKAY, PURE, POWER Raw milk vs. pasteurized milk Babies first food: recommendations and things to avoid Food introduction timeline from 0-2 yrs old Vegan and vegetarian recommendations Vitamin recommendations to support our immune systems during COVID Sunscreen vs. no sunscreen A Holistic Approach to Viruses by Dr. David Brownstein founder of the Center for Holistic Medicine $10-$12 wild-caught caviar at Whole Foods Vitalchoice.com for $$$ salmon roe, other wild seafood, and organic products

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