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E8 | A Conversation about Vue.JS | Robert Mion

E8 | A Conversation about Vue.JS | Robert Mion

In today’s episode, I have a great conversation all about Vue.JS with my guest Robert Mion, a designer, writer, coder and Vue JS expert who teaches web development in virtual 1 on 1 sessions. ******************************* Questions Asked ******************************* Tell us about your background. What attracted you to front end development instead of backend development? What is Vue.js? How does Vue.JS compare to JQuery? What attracted you to Vue? Explain what is the MVC, Model View Controller, paradigm? What's the minimum knowledge you need to have before you jump into Vue.JS? Why choose Vue over React? Explain the difference between a library and a framework Is Vue a framework or library? What are some of the challenges with Vue.JS? What are some good resources for Vue? Isn't there a documentary about Vue.JS? What is the virtual DOM in Vue.js? What is the difference between the virtual DOM and the real DOM? Explain the life cycle of a Vue app? What is one way data flow? What is two way data binding? What is reactivity? Can you use GraphQL with Vue.JS? Does Vue work with REST APIs? What are components in Vue and how does data flow between them? What's the parent child relationship between components like? What is a slot? What is a scope slot? What is Vuex? Can you use Vuex to transfer the state of a web app to its companion mobile app? What are mixins? What are filetrs in Vue.js? What are directives in Vue.js? Can you create your own filters?

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