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That Time We Tried ASMR

That Time We Tried ASMR

Hey lil' mama let me whisper in your ear... it's a brand new episode of Haze and Jasen, coming to you through whispers. Yep, totally lying, but we did try! We're back with a new episode and we have some more big announcements. Haze and Jasen is now part of the EDGE Podcast Network! We share the news, talk about Sia gifting a car to a 16 year old, how men find women more attractive in fall, the "Every-Other Day Diet", and about the Dunkin' Donuts controversy. It's a jam-packed episode, and you're stuck along for the ride!Catch the show LIVE every Wednesday at 7pm ET / 6pm CT on a100radio.comPodcast episodes are uploaded every Thursday at 12pm CT on iHeartRadio.

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