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38. Blood Simple (1984) with Chris Ecklund

38. Blood Simple (1984) with Chris Ecklund

This week is a special episode for Rafe - not only is it a great conversation about Blood Simple, the first movie from the Coen Brothers, but the guest is one of Rafe's childhood friends. Rafe and Chris met in high school and immediately became good friends, sharing a love of movies, gaming, and video games. This week's episode reconnects them after a decade as talk about the Coen Brothers' debut film, which is an absolute must see film. Follow Rafe on Twitter. Check out Rafe's recent appearances on other podcasts : Why This Film Podcast: WarGames First Annual NRQ Star Wars Special Reel Rundown: The Line Up: Top 5 Pixar Films Reel Rundown: Fresh Reel: Onward Follow the show on Twitter and Facebook. Send feedback to havenotseenthis@gmail.com. Please subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, or using the RSS Feed. Be a future guest on the show by filling out the form at havenotseenthis.podbean.com. This week's independent podcast promo is for Just the Tipsters.

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