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Sodom and Egypt, Part 2 of 3

Sodom and Egypt, Part 2 of 3

Pastor Harlo White unveiled the message Sodom and Egypt, Part 2 of 3 delivered in September 2020. This is a three-part series in which Pastor Harlo White shares what God the Father has revealed to him about Sodom and Egypt and their significance to the Sons of God.This series will be followed by "Who Are The Two Witnesses" on October 26th and November 2nd, 2020. Pastor Harlo White spoke on the "Two Witnesses" in the message on Sodom and Egypt. Pastor Harlo White goes into great detail with a powerful revelation of the Two Witnesses in messages from 1982! You can't miss these powerful podcasts!Stand with Pastor Harlo White in supporting the Harlo White Healing Stream Podcast. Your donation helps keep this podcast reaching people all across the Earth. Ask God the Father what he would have you to do in giving to this ministry. You can visit our website at to make a secure donation online. You can also mail your donation to:HARLO WHITE HEALING STREAMP.O. BOX 4695CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 60680.

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