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16: CPU World Is Turning Upside Down & Olympus Has Fallen

16: CPU World Is Turning Upside Down & Olympus Has Fallen

Welcome to Hardware Addicts, a proud member of the Destination Linux Network. Hardware Addicts is the podcast that focuses on the physical components that powers our technology world. In this episode, we’re going to take a look at Intel’s new processor that’s hitting the market. We’re also going to discuss their unfortunate announcement of more delays to the 7nm line-up along with some leadership changes. Nvidia considering buying ARM and Intel decides to outsource. Then we will head to the popular Camera Corner with Wendy where we’re going to discuss Olympus big announcement. So Sit back, Relax, and Plug In because Hardware Addicts Starts Now! This episode of Hardware Addicts is brought to you buy Digital Ocean & Bitwarden Timestamps: 0 - 18 min : Intro and what we've been up to this week - Michael: Gets a new Sony Mirrorless camera! - Wendy: Repairs an XBOX One and tears it apart to fix it - Ryan: Reads an inspirational email from a father that learned to repair their own hardware. 19:14 min: Intel new processor discussion i9-10850k and Intel restructuring. 34 min: Camera Corner, Olympus Big Change Quick Links: Ryan = Michael = Wendy = Want to Support the Show? Destination Linux Network Store = Want to follow the show and hosts on social media? You can find all of our social accounts at

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