57 [Interview] Dr. Lisa Belanger - A Cup of Mindfulness

57 [Interview] Dr. Lisa Belanger - A Cup of Mindfulness

What can a simple cup of coffee teach us about staying motivated to move? Dr. Lisa Belanger has the answers. Lisa is the CEO of Conscious Works and author of A Cup of Mindfulness: For the Busy and Restless. Beyond Lisa's many career accomplishments, including running a national charity called the Knights Cabin, she's completed the Paris marathon and climbed Kilimanjaro. These days, under the COVID-19 travel restrictions, you will find her keeping up with a busy family life (well caffeinated) in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. ____ Join the Cup of Mindfulness ONLINE book launch: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-perfect-pairing-a-virtual-book-launch-and-winefulness-event-tickets-103564971618?aff=CWwebsite ____ Cup of Mindfulness on Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/1777090709 ____ Conscious Works on Twitter: @consciousworks Lisa on IG: @consciousworks ____ Follow Kelly on IG: @kelly.doell ____ Get Feel Like It: Makeover Your Motivation to Move on Amazon

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