54 - Can Self-Discipline be Enjoyable?

54 - Can Self-Discipline be Enjoyable?

Does staying discipline have to suck? No, but you'd never know if you'd look at how popular culture treats this important part of active living. This week, using a terrible bread analogy, I revisit the real meaning of self-discipline and how enjoyment can be the difference maker in your fitness pursuits.  _______________________________ Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/kellydoell _______________________________ 10 Things Killing Your Motivation to Move (Free Download): http://kellydoell.com/downloads/ _______________________________ Kelly on IG: @kelly.doell @happilyeveractiveshow _______________________________ Get Your Copy of Feel Like it: http://kellydoell.com/feel-like-it/  

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