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03 The Whys Are More Important Than The Hows with Ron Lopez

03 The Whys Are More Important Than The Hows with Ron Lopez

4:18 With my training at the Tony & Guy Academy I had this awesome experience to go to London and work alongside Anthony Moscato. So here I am like 10 months into the industry I didn't even have my license yet and I'm working alongside Antonin Mascolo and he and the team showed me how big this industry could be. 9:08 So, when I started working with Steve at EL salon his basically philosophy and education is it's your duty to complete the education wheel. You were taught, so therefore it's your duty to pass on that information. So I've always had that concept in my mind. So, it took me a little while I started teaching at the salon and educating and sharing. The first classes I taught where, you know, I was pulling stuff together from, you know, outer space to try to put an education plan together, but over the years I've became more practiced and it just has become part of my success as a hairdresser. It's my duty to learn and I'm obligated to share. 11:25 I say okay if you go to the supermarket and your basket is full what do you leave with? Not very much extra right? So empty your basket put it all in a safe pantry and let's fill up your basket with more stuff so you can add it to what you have. I think it's an important conversation because you always have those people coming into your programs, their ego is protecting them as well like what are you going to teach me. Yeah, it's like disarming them really helps because it's both ways you know when you're standing in front of a group of people together I'm here to share I'm not here to show off. 14:59 Yeah, I think all of us hairdressers innately I think kind of have a little bit of a rebel in them. That's why we're in this industry right when you know it's when you're doing this doctrine of because I said so-Immediately we want to fight back.  Yeah, like give me the why  a good friend of mine Eric, Gomez says you know the whys are more important than the hows sometimes. 22:42 Go in knowing your stuff go in knowing what you're facilitating and playing off the cuff, that doesn't necessarily work so when I've seen somebody that looks super polished, in a way where I'm like yeah they know what they're doing. You earned the right silently, with with that group. Yes. 32:48 I think the other facet would be as an educator hairstylist I think being authentic to yourself. Knowing your passion knowing your brand and then being okay with sharing information and kind of being tested in a way. I learned more in front of a group of people than I do when I go take classes on my own. And that just always happens. Connect with Ron Lopez IG: IG: Connect with Shareena IG: FB:

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