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02 Keep Your Kitchen Clean with Katie Nielsen

02 Keep Your Kitchen Clean with Katie Nielsen

I never knew that being a hairdresser was a job. I had no inclinations on doing hair whatsoever. My mother never took us to the hairdresser she cut our hair in the kitchen. My mother is of course not a hairdresser either so you can imagine how fantastic that was. I got a job in a salon at the age of 17 as a receptionist. So that's when I decided I want to do hair.  I'm sitting here at this opening ceremony in this huge Convention Center, and these half naked men that were models strung out with this, you know, loud music and lighting, there might have been pyrotechnics and I'm sure Robert Cromeans was still doing hair with a fork and a razor.  I would 100% agree with that, you know, as I was thinking about this call, we were going to be making I was relating everything to how I teach other hairdressers in the salon and everything. I was thinking about could absolutely relate to people that want to be that do education or want to be educators, you have to make a connection with people. I started working with scruples 17 years ago and I literally would volunteer and donate my time for free, like my very first show I drove seven hours in a traffic jam, to make it to the show to work for free for a weekend. Being aware of the fact that you don't know everything, and there's no way anybody can know everything. I see a lot of potential educators come in thinking that they know it all and have it all and that they are going to be, you know, the next best thing and that can often be very off putting. Yes, and difficult to train, because each company has their own culture, if you will.  I think the bottom line is when doing public speaking is knowing your audience and being prepared. Yes, it is being prepared, knowing your material, knowing your audience and your material. I think a lot of educators show up to class, totally want to wing it you can't. I love watching social media videos and not for the reasons, most people think. My biggest pet peeve on watching these videos is how hairdressers are not aware of their environment. The background says so much about you. So, have you have you worked with any of what we call the famous educators and are they all they're cracked up to be like, do they have the skill set like Do they have the talent? One of the things that was really surprising for me was their lack of ability to verbalize what they're doing, because not not having practice verbalizing you saying the words, saying the description saying the steps out loud. All right, you've heard it here first here on Hair Educators Lab that men's getting perms is what's coming Connect with Katie IG: Connect with Shareena IG: FB: For more information visit

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