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GYDA Talks - Why Influencer Marketing Works with Gordon Glenister

GYDA Talks - Why Influencer Marketing Works with Gordon Glenister

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Gordon Glenister. Gordon is an influencer marketing strategist trainer and speaker  He is also the Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the Branded Content Marketing Association and the CEO of Membership World. Gordon was formally the director general of the British Promotional Merchandise Association for 11 years then launched his own membership consultancy in September 2018. From there he went on to launch a new influencer marketing channel at the Branded Content Marketing Association and still remains the global head of influencer marketing. He is also the host of Influence the global podcast shining a spotlight on the influencer marketing industry where he interviews all sorts of brands and influencers.In March 2021 he had his first book released on influencer marketing strategy with global publishers Kogan Page. Within the membership community he launched Membership World in July 2020, a podcast and community site for membership professionals supported by regular CEO roundtable discussions.  Gordon is also the author of the Covid19 impact study which explored the challenges faced by professional bodies, trade associations and charities in the Pandemic. Gordon runs successful strategy workshops for membership bodies, mystery member audits and general advice on running successful organisations. Why Influencer Marketing Really Does Work.What does Influencer Marketing mean?Just Gen Z?What does IM done well look like?Campaign resultsWhat does IM done badly look like?What do the highly successful do differently?How to find influencers?Attribution… how to link it into PPC, SEO, content marketing activities?Where does it sit in the funnelGordons final words of wisdom This is a bite-size version of the hour-long video. To watch the rest head on over to

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