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GYDA Talks - Tim Butler - Innovation Visual

GYDA Talks - Tim Butler - Innovation Visual

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Tim Butler Founder of Innovation Visual. Tim has a background in marketing, sales and consultancy as well as having deep digital expertise. He has worked in a wide variety of sectors such as marketing services, technology, banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, professional services and finance, giving him a very broad and in-depth view of business. Using this business acumen and knowledge, and applying it as a ‘digital marketing expert’, Tim has led professional teams delivering digital marketing strategies for a large array of UK and international clients.Innovation Visual are one of the those brilliant UK agencies that keeps on delivering.Robert and Tim discuss:Just another agency or some things you do differently?Corporate responsibility and paying it forward. Why? Where’s the ROI?Are there secrets of success? What do you need to do to grow an agency?What does success mean? How do you know if you have been successful?Success is not selling out for £20m.The balance between running a ‘great place to work’ and running a profitable businessHow have you responded to the last nine months?How have customer habits and behaviours changed?What separates the successes from the failures?Your recommendations/pearls of wisdom, golden nuggets you‘d like to share: “The work of the CEO is to make decisions. Get informed so you can make decisions.” This is a bite-size version of the hour-long video… to watch the rest please visit

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