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GYDA Talks - Mark Haslam - Loud Mouth Media

GYDA Talks - Mark Haslam - Loud Mouth Media

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Mark Haslam. Mark is the Founder and Managing Director of Loud Mouth Media in Belfast. Establishing Loud Mouth in 2011 after gaining valuable experience as a Web Consultant in the telecommunications industry, Mark’s fervent passion for digital instilled his vision to set up a specialist PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising agency. His aim has always been to do PPC differently, creating more transparent, measurable, digital experiences and building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with clients.Mark has a no-nonsense approach to running his agency. He does the basics brilliantly, listening to what his customers want and delivering it. And it has paid off for Loud Mouth Media. Mark tells us how he sees the world.Robert and Mark discuss:Pure PPC or full service?Putting stuff where people want to see itNo big business planHow to move from pure PPCHow client buying habits and behaviours have changedWho are we competing against?Are there secrets of success? What the best do differentlyWhat would a ‘fit’ agency look like in 12 months?Recommendations/pearls of wisdom, golden nuggets you‘d like to share… This is a bite-size version of the hour-long video. To watch the rest, head on over to

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