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GYDA Talks - How Smart Procurement Can Save Your Agency £££ - with Mike Lander, Piscari

GYDA Talks - How Smart Procurement Can Save Your Agency £££ - with Mike Lander, Piscari

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Mike Lander. Mike is a successful entrepreneur and expert negotiator with a proven track record of buying, growing, and selling businesses for seven-figure sums. He’s raised over £6.5m of acquisition/growth capital in his career and grown companies to over £20m revenue and £4m EBITDA.Mike has a uniquely valuable perspective on negotiating commercial deals, having worked on both sides of the table as a Procurement Director and an entrepreneur. In one of his roles, Mike worked as a Procurement Director for what is now one of the world’s largest RPO/MSP organisations worth in excess of $1bn, where he negotiated hundreds of deals with staffing agencies.He launched Piscari in 2010 and leveraged his specialist knowledge and experience negotiating hundreds of deals worth over £400m in total to empower leaders and sales teams to negotiate more profitable deals, especially when procurement is involved.Robert and Mike discuss:Dealing with procurement– what’s the backstory where you end up discussing this?When do we see procurement?Is everything true that they say about procurement?Where is the sweet spot under the shadow of procurement?How is it different from dealing direct with the owner-founder?What are the bear traps, tools, tips, techniques… What to do with an RFP?Negotiating and selling a business – what are the bear traps? What are the rules?Agency growth: are there secrets of success? What do you need to do to grow an agency?What would a ‘fit’ agency look like in 12 months? This is a bite-size version of the hour-long video. To watch the rest head on over to

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