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GYDA Talks - Byron Marr - Aira

GYDA Talks - Byron Marr - Aira

In this GYDA Talks, Robert interviews Byron Marr. Byron is head of paid search at Aira. A self-taught digital media specialist, Byron has worked in paid media for eight years and in 2020 was ranked in the Top 50 Most Influential PPC Experts by PPC Hero. In 2017 he joined Aira, a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner who work with medium to large businesses across a range of industries and sectors.Robert and Byron discuss:Agencies rising to the challengeWhat is the challenge?How to add valueBecoming more strategicChanges as a result of COVIDChanging the propositionWhat is the real problem?Hard to compete on the whatWhat does the client really need and not just wantThe irritating 4-year oldLevitt, differentiation and segmentationChanges in the marketHow to create differentiationDangerous being too nicheAnd YouTube/video?Think about the core problem, don’t assume the answer. What is the highest purpose?Are you able to change quickly?What’s next for Byron? This is a bitesize version of the hour-long video. To watch the rest please visit

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