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Ep. 15 Coonin with Kevin Butner

Ep. 15 Coonin with Kevin Butner

This week its all about the Coon Hounds!  Kevin Butner had us down to run his hounds with him and afterwards we got together to discuss what got him into the hound world, his thoughts on training, competition hunts, natural ability vs. "manmade" dogs, and so much more.  Kevin has been doing this for years and his passion gets more evident as the conversation goes on.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think.  Please rate, review and share with a friend! Patreon= Interested in a kennel  Go to and use the Gunner link to purchase "Man's Best Kennel!" Also, while at the website, use the Duck Camp link to go to their website and see everything they have to offer!

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