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8. Why I Disagree With "Discipline Over Motivation"

8. Why I Disagree With "Discipline Over Motivation"

“Discipline Over Motivation” ⁉️ I Have To Disagree There are so many people who can teach you how to set goals & program your mindset to achieve them, but the issue that everyone still has is in remaining consistent. There’s something that’s arguably more important than both mindset and setting goals.. because there are people who SMASH THEIR GOALS without knowing how to set them or being trained for mindset. Listen to this weeks episode to learn: ✅ What motivation & discipline actually are ✅ The difference between punishment vs. reinforcement ✅ What method I’ve found to work the best (personally, we’re all different) … and always much more! 💚💚💚 Let’s get you closer to your joy one small step at a time. Ready for more? Find support for reaching your goals on Find weekly inspiration and daily gratitude polls on @guiltfreegoals on Instagram.

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