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Fat Loss: Men vs Women

Fat Loss: Men vs Women

  WE’RE BACK!  In this episode, Gillis and Tarryn discuss the differences between fat loss between men and women. Is there a difference? Should men and women diet the same? Listen and find out!  The episode breakdown:  1:00 - Tarryn’s frustrations with dieting 2:21 – Hormone profile between men and women 2:45 – Mistakes women make with dieting 3:57- What Gillis noticed with Tarryn dieting over the years and her progress  4:38 – Tarryn’s past data w/fat loss  5:15- Food increase = progress: Finding that balance between being fed and a deficit 6:13- What causes progress to stop  6:27- Tarryn’s mindset w/training when on a deficit  6:50 -Gillis burst Tarryn’s “outlier mindset” with the facts w/training  9:25- Biggest mistakes women make w/dieting  10:11- Metabolic adaptations w/dieting and being addressed logically  11:30 – Periodizing nutrition based upon women’s monthly cycles  12:19- When the scale doesn’t move, it DOESN’T = Metabolic adaptations  12:46 – True metabolic adaptations that occur over time  14:00 – Women and psychological stress when dieting  14:53 – Thyroid hormones when dieting & when it’s impacted  16:37- Fat loss = higher expectations causing higher stress 17:17 – Metabolic adaptations for men and women  17:55- Signs that you’re metabolically adapted 18:44- What tools that can help w/ metabolic adaptations  19:18- Refeeds – what are they?  20:43- Body type and how often to refeed based 21:35- Small adjustments goes a long way 22:50- Adherence and consistency  23:19- Over weight individuals and the psychological factor with refeeds  24:14- The number game messing w/people’s heads 25:18- How to set up calories for refeeds  25:49- Benefits pf refeeds and timeline  26:26 – Auto-regulating refeeds based upon progress  28:00 – Revisiting refeeds and individuals who are obese  29:25 – Refeeding for competitors for recovery  30:28- Breaking down how to refeed 31:26 – When refeeds cause a spike in weight DOESN’T =body fat gain  32:29- Increase in calories causing = staying the same weight or a drop 33:00- Refeeds= increase in carbs for leptin purposes  35:24- Difference between refeeds & diet breaks  36:50 – Benefits of diet breaks 37:54- Macro profile for a diet break 38:30- Scared of the diet break 40:19- Diet Breaking: Real life example  43:17- How to not hit a plateau  44:15- Fearing what you don’t understand w/increase in calories and decrease in training 45:31- When to implement a diet break 46:12- Timeline for ensuring you can diet break  48:10- Length of you work with a coach 51:00- Trusting your coach’s calls 52:34- Timeline for diet breaking  53:05- Women & diet breaking 53:17- Male diet breaking is important 53:50 -Diet breaking into a show 55:00- The Wrap Up    Your hosts:  Gillis Pellegrin & Tarryn Nettles, the owners of GT Nutrition Performance.  Email:  Website:  Social Media -  IG: Gillis Pellegrin - @gillis331 Tarryn Nettles - @tarryn_nettles  Personal Contact:  Gillis Pellegrin – Tarryn Nettles – 

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