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Episode 9: F*ck the Scale

Episode 9: F*ck the Scale

In this episode, Gillis & Tarryn provide you with other tools to track progress rather than the scale. When it comes to changing the physique, the scale shouldn't be a HUGE focal point or dictate your success. The scale is the number one reason why people give up on their fitness goals because they let that number either make or break them. Gillis and Tarryn cover the reasons why the scale fluctuates, some insight on how they track progress for not only themselves, but also their clients, and gives you that reassurance that just because the scale isn't moving and/or fluctuating, doesn't mean you're not making progress.  Let this episode or our podcast as a whole? Let us know!  Questions about this topic or any of the other topics we cover? Contact us!  Contact info:  Tarryn: Gillis: Main Email:  For online coaching inquires: Website: Social Media - IG: Gillis Pellegrin - @gillis331 Tarryn Nettles - @tarryn_nettles

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