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Growing Through Tragedy...Experiencing life's challenges from an empowered perspective.

ADVISORY WARNING: some Graphic Content,

ADVISORY WARNING: some Graphic Content, "Tragedy only becomes your life story if YOU author it that way"... Life Happens - Shit that we could never foresee or imagine happens - This world can be crazy and can take us with it if we allow it. Are you allowing it? The Stoics remind us of how unpredictable this world is, how brief our time is, as we spend it 'spinning' on this ball we call earth. They espouse that our dissatisfaction in life is based on our impulsive tendency for reaction to our experiences in our emotions and our thoughts, not necessarily on the events that happen to us. The First Noble Truth according to the Buddha was - Suffering, pain, and misery exist in this life and our expectations about it or how people are supposed to act along with our desires, and cravings are the cause of much of this suffering. The basic tenants of much popular theology have us starting out broken and doomed here from the very start... So where can we turn, and what can we do when it seems that life is trying to crush us and hold us down? When our world is not the way "it is supposed to be" or far worse hits us with a serious event or tragedy, or even starts us out here on this planet right in the middle of a shit show... it is easy to be consumed in the victim, poor me, why me, place of experiencing our worlds and for many this is a place to become stuck! Are you stuck or are you Growing Through Tragedy in your experiences? It is possible and that is what this show is all about. Inspiring true stories about overcoming, succeeding, and becoming healthy and whole through struggles and challenges in our lives. We hope to provide inspiration, real resources for help, and loving insight towards a compelling positive future outcome for our listeners and we welcome you on this journey of personal growth through tragedy, with us! Disclaimer: We advise anyone who may be going through an emergency or recent tragedy to seek professional care as soon as possible to help you with your recovery. We are not professional counselors.

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