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044 - Building a Great Relationship with Your Accountant with Andy Wang (The Wellness Accountant)

044 - Building a Great Relationship with Your Accountant with Andy Wang (The Wellness Accountant)

Andy Wang, also known as The Wellness Accountant, joins us on the podcast for an episode on accounting and shares his wisdom on how clinic owners can have a great relationship with their accountant.QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODE“Business should be an extension of your life’s purpose.”“There should be no fear in calling your accountant, worried that you’ll get a bill. That should be discussed.”“When you speak to your accountant, there should be open, honest communication where you’re talking on equal footing.”“The places where the business owners don’t take advantage of enough is tapping into the accountant’s knowledge for their own personal growth.”MENTIONSGrow My Clinic online courseThe Wellness AccountantSmashed Avocado PodcastThe E-myth by Michael E. Gerber (book)Urban LeopardPractice IgnitionXeroQuickbooksReceipt BankSHOW NOTES[0:00:44.7]  The story behind Smashed Avocado (Andy’s podcast)[0:01:46.9]  How Andy ended up doing Accounting and how he became well known as The Wellness Accountant[0:07:15.4]  Having a relationship with your accountant as a business owner[0:10:19.8]  Andy and his ideal clients[0:12:11.6]  Mistakes business owners make when working with an accountant[0:14:34.0]  Good habits business owners have when it comes to accounting according to Andy[0:17:26.8]  Apps and technologies Andy recommends for business owners[0:20:30.6]  Talking about fees and quotes with your accountant[0:24:03.3]  Learn more about Andy and his businessIf you like this episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast, please don't forget to like, share, comment, and give us your ratings on iTunes and Stitcher. We appreciate your support and feedback!

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