Tino Romero Jr

The Jinn

The Jinn

This episode I talk about the evil and deceitful entity that comes from the middle east mythology. I go into detail on what exactly they do and don't do, how we can get rid of them, and how harmful they actually are. Tune in enjoy this episode that was requested by Sarah who is from Toronto, Canada. This topic was crazy and super fun to record. Stay tuned to the end for a special treat. Check out today's sponsor, tell them Graveyard Grumbler Podcast sent you.   Today’s episode is brought to you by Romer Skincare. Based out of Chicago, Romer launched a work from home clean skincare line that covers all your skin needs – they proved that you don’t need a million serums and eye creams to get better skin. Why we love them: clean ingredients and effective results with just a simple 3-step routine that you and even your partner can share. Right now Romer Skincare is offering our listeners 15% off and a gift with your first purchase by using the code LISTENER15 on their website romerskincare.com. No stress, no clutter, just happy skin.

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