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Strategies to reset in unusual times

Strategies to reset in unusual times

Today I am back in your ears for our regular episodes. The summer has been a great time to give you short answers to the "Ask the Trainer" series, but I'm ready to start sharing more substantial episodes again.In today's episode, "Strategies to reset in unusual times," I discuss:Personal summer recap in :60 (well, that was the goal. It was actually closer to :90. Shocking, I know.)Two personal notes, including how to support the podcast and why this is important to me and expectations going forward.Different approaches to reset from various perspectives: physical, nutritional, overall, and schedule.How to support the show (cash-free!):Sign up to receive my monthly journal at Listen in to understand why this is so helpful to me.Rate and review.Share the show, this episode, or your favorite episode with a friend.Links and resources mentionedSign up for the Graced Health monthly journal at planning: Training: Habits by James Clear----Receive my subscriber-only monthly journal by signing up at your free 14-day body image devotional at the joy of empowering and loving your body.Live a life of balance, freedom, and grace by breaking the “rules” and reframing the way you think about your health.Receive my family's favorite on-the-go breakfasts, a printable 14-day health and body image devotional, and a 5-minute Wake Up and Warm Up Video when you sign up to be notified of Your Worthy Body's release. Sign up at

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