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The "Normal" Life of a Gay Conservative in America

The "Normal" Life of a Gay Conservative in America

One of my favorite people in the whole world, a childhood friend of mine nicknamed “Bagels” joins me today for real talk about being a gay, conservative millennial in America. We popped his podcast cherry with this conversation. Hopefully we don’t ruin his social life by airing it... But Bagels embodies a demographic that confuses the heck out of liberals. He’s a millennial. He’s gay. And he’s a conservative libertarian. In this episode, we talk about what it was like for us growing up as apolitical high school kids living in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire. We talk about Bagels’ journey to becoming a fiscally conservative and socially liberal adult. And we talk about being a conservative in Boston’s extremely liberal gay community. In social situations that delve into political discussion, Bagels is always honest about his views. Before the 2016 election, some members of Boston’s gay community would belittle his conservative stance. They were blinded by the wildly incorrect poll estimates that indicated Hillary Clinton was White House bound. After Trump won, people became very hostile and treated Bagels like he was on the wrong side of the tracks. We talk about how pretty much all of Bagels’ interaction with the broader gay community on political issues has focused on social issues. Rarely do fiscal issues come up, he says. If you want a fresh perspective on the “normal” life of a gay conservative in America, listen to this podcast! Please subscribe for more great episodes. You can find the show on Apple Podcasts and Google Play. And if you want to get involved, support the show on Patreon. Thanks for listening!

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