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Episode 0: A Brief History of 90's Punk

Episode 0: A Brief History of 90's Punk

"You're not supposed to lick the music Ellie!" In this bonus episode we explore four important punk records from the 90s, and talk about the genres that led to the 2000s pop punk movement. EPISODE NOTES CORRECTION: It should be noted that Fletch was in fact misguided and there is no Kidz Bopz version of F@?ing Problems, and it was in fact just a Jimmy Kimmel skit. *THE DOWNFALL OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION: **CELEBRATE BY TINY MOVING PARTS: WHENEVER IF EVER BY THE WORLD IS A BEAUTYFUL PLACE AND I'M NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE: WHAT PEOPLE CALL LOW SELF-ESTEEM IS REALLY JUST SEEING YOURSELF THE WAY OTHER PEOPLE SEE YOU BY AWAKEBUTSTILLINBED: OPENING THEME IS POP PUNK VOICE THIS TOWN BY BLINK-420:

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