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Gordon's Gun Closet #8: Victorian High Tech

Gordon's Gun Closet #8: Victorian High Tech

This is the audio from Gordon’s “Victorian High Tech Firearms” presentation at Westercon/GearCon on July 2, 2016. It’s an extra-long episode: bonus! Apologies for the inconsistent sound; all part of the joy of field recording. If you’d like a version of this with the images that accompanied it, we’ll be putting it up on YouTube in the near future. You can also visit Gordon’s Blog for some relevant images in the meanwhile. Show notes and links: Small Arms of WWI Primer 029: Japanese Arisaka Type 30 (C&Rsenal) M60 Woods Walk  (hickock45) Gordon Frye's History Ramblings: Victorian High Tech Firearms (

Duration: 1 hr 16 min

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