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004 - What Does An Outsider Think When They Visit Your Church? With Kurt Earl

004 - What Does An Outsider Think When They Visit Your Church? With Kurt Earl

Special thanks to Kurt Earl for joining me! You can check out his work with coaches at He also serves as an Elder at First Street Bible Church.   To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, by Daniel H. Pink.   For fun, I took Kurt’s challenge to think of 10 ways Information Symmetry is changing everything. Here’s a quick list of what I came up with in only a few minutes. College and Professional athletics has been impacted by this trend. Even at the highest levels, coaches who just demand respect and insist their players ‘just do as I say’ aren’t succeeding, and even losing their jobs. The relationship between doctors and their patients has been radically impacted by this trend. 1000s of online sources, written by credentialed MDs, with studies cited, means more and more patients are coming to their Dr. with a plan of care already in mind. A number of laboratory services have begun giving customers the option to order their own blood tests. Pharmaceutical companies have also leaned into this by advertising directly to prospective patients. Related, more people are open to trying natural medical options, or a combination of natural & conventional options because of so much information available to them. In short, people increasingly expect to be an active partner with their health, and maybe the driving partner. The same effect with pet owners and their veterinarians. This trend is spreading to public education as well. The number of people choosing to educate their children themselves (homeschooling) continues to grow for both religious and non-religious reasons. Facebooks sale groups, and other online selling forums have empowered us all to go directly to one another to buy or sell things, some evening making it a side-hustle. The last decades have seen an incredible erosion of the ratings and influence of so-called legacy media, and the proliferation of indie journalists, podcasters, and content creators going directly to their audience. The traditional gatekeepers are increasingly sidelined. Churches and abuse reporting: The expectation for real, meaningful transparency is more critical now than ever if churches and institutions want to maintain credibility in the public eye.   Good Ideas for Churches is a joint project between Matt Whitman's The Ten Minute Bible Hour and Eyes Up. Have a good idea? Something that's helped your church? Something that's made the Gospel make sense to people in your community? I'd love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at

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