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GDH - Ken - Weekly Sexual Activity May Postpone Menopause

GDH - Ken - Weekly Sexual Activity May Postpone Menopause

02/08/20 - In this episode, Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus of Lake Cardiology (352-735-1400) discuss how to diagnose and provide proper treatment for those suffering from difficult Headaches. A new study suggests that going to the movies is good for your heart. If you're a Marijuana user, did you know that driving, after the "high" wears off will still impair your driving ability? The blood pressure level guidelines have changed again. A recent study shows that early and painful Menopause can be caused by not having enough sexual activity. Then, a warning that "Burnout" can cause an irregular, high heart rate. Do you know about TMAO? Sadly, another new study reveals that one-third of our healthcare costs are tied up in bureaucracy. Plus, lots more great tips and ideas for helping you preserve your good health.

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