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Going Viral: New Vaccines, New Concerns

Going Viral: New Vaccines, New Concerns

In this episode:  Instead of efficacy, look at the secondary endpoints as vaccine data is being released Whilst the evidence for giving the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine in patients over 65 yrs is small it is still a reasonable option TGA is maintaining a very watchful eye on all new vaccines  It is possible Australia will have 5 different vaccines available by the end of 2021  Host: Dr David Lim | Total time: 27 mins Guest: Dr Gary Grohmann, Virologist; Vaccine Manufacturing Expert; Former Director of Immunobiology and WHO ERL at the TGA, Office of Laboratories and Scientific Services   Register for our upcoming FREE WEBCAST Tuesday 2 February 2020 | 7:00pm-9:00pm AEDT Click here to register now! See for privacy information.

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