Trinity, the 3 in 1. Believe it or be a Heretic?

Trinity, the 3 in 1. Believe it or be a Heretic?

There is one body and one Spirit…one Lord…one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. (Eph. 4:4-6 NIV 1984) Research Trinity dogma, ask pastors, leaders, theologians.  They all essentially say that there is paradoxical mystery but it’s true; believe it or be a heretic.  The explanation is One God, eternally existing in 3 Persons, co-equal, co-eternal.  Really?  Where does it say that?  No really, show me the scriptures where is says that or even infers that?  That would mean that the True God is the One God who is somehow eternally always existed in 3 persons.  Seriously?  Scripture does NOT say this anywhere nor does it imply this, unlike what the theologians say. In fact, to say this is to demean the authority and being of the Father, who Christ Himself said is the only true God. 3 Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God…”  (John 17:3) How I Finally Came to Understand I’ve just added a very casual look into this topic of Who God is, which I believe is more sensible and accurate than the Trinity theory.  What I am saying makes sense if you see it without bias.  Consciously try this exercise…every time you read the word ‘God’ in Scripture, Who do you think of?  Or whenever you pray or talk to God, Who are you thinking of?  The Trinity or God the Father? All authority is in God the Father and He gave it to the Son.  Key words in Scripture regarding the Father and His Only begotten Son are:  gave, sent, appointed, granted, anointed, etc.  Christ can be called “Everlasting Father” because He came in His Father’s Name and all the fullness of the deity (Holy Spirit without limit; the seven eyes and seven horns which are the seven or sevenfold Spirit of God, denoting fullness) dwells in Him.  But, He is clearly the Son, Who represents His Father in all things. The brief audio message I have or will be uploading is by no means perfect or complete in teaching but it goes into far more detail than what I have written so far.  It is only a little insight into the what God revealed to me about understanding Him.  It was completed without edit, so there might be some things or mistakes that I didn’t catch.  These are things that I believe God gave me insight into and I didn’t learn it from others, nor has it been explained this way.  Give credit where credit is due. See post link for why I did this but audio for the real explanation: Trinity, the 3 in 1. Believe it or be a Heretic? Note: This audio was done years ago, unedited and in the rough, so please bear with it. 

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