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Season Premiere: Shark Bait | (S2, E1)

Season Premiere: Shark Bait | (S2, E1)

New season. Double the fun.  Welcome to an all-new edition of Glimpses presented by Zima Podcasting Network. On this edition, a couple of old colleagues reflect on an adventure in the shark infested waters of Sydney, Australia. So crack open an ice cold beer, put some more shrimp on the barbie, and gather around for one of the best side-splitting episodes of Glimpses yet.  Glimpses is a production of Zima Podcasting Network. Stream the full archive & other originals for FREE on Connect with Zima Podcasting: Facebook ▶ @zimapodcastingnetwork    Instagram ▶ Twitter ▶ @zimapodcasting Email ▶ --- Support this podcast:

Duration: 20 min

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