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Glasscaster with Tom Philabaum

Glasscaster with Tom Philabaum

If you don't know Tom Philabaum, you should! And here's your chance! This is an artist who's life story reads like an adventure novel….He studied with Harvey Littleton, has worked with Dale Chihuly, and has created immense public installations, including glass waterfalls and flying carpets! Now involved exploring the architectural limits of Dalle de Verre, he's a man of many talents. Have you ever enjoyed a Flame Off? You can thank Tom for that! He's the force behind the Sonoran Glass School in Tucson, where the Flame Off style of team competition originated. He has also given unselfishly over decades with the Glass Art Society. So pull up a chair and have a listen. This talented and laid-back artist is more influential than you ever dreamed!  Be on the lookout for excerpts of this interview to appear in the 1/2013 issue of Glashaus Magazine…. Interview recorded at the 2012 Glass Art Society Conference.

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