John Lestrange and MJ Bradley

Ep. 1.01: What is Genocide?

Ep. 1.01: What is Genocide?

Join historian John Lestrange and his wife MJ Bradley as they tackle the issue of what, exactly, is genocide.  The two take a deep dive into the origin of the term, the beginnings of an international effort to prevent genocide, and the difficulties with actually getting the UN to do anything useful. Special thanks to the app Hatchful and MJ Bradley for designing and editing out logo. Show music is "Crusade - Heavy Industry by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License. Sources: UN Convention for the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide, UN General Assembly Resolution 260, Dec. 9, 1948.   Coining a Term and Championing a Cause: The Story of Raphael Lemkin   Lemkin, Raphael. 1944. Axis Rule in Occupied Europe: Laws of Occupation, Analysis of Government, Proposals for Redress. Washington [D.C.]: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Division of International Law.   Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals: Transitional Justice, Trial Narratives, and Historiography (War and Genocide) page 110 edited by Alexa Stiller and Kim C. Premiel Berghahn Books 2012   Robert Gellately & Ben Kiernan (2003). The Specter of Genocide: Mass Murder in Historical Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p. 267.   "The Prosecutor v. Limaj et al. – Decision on Prosecution's Motion to Amend the Amended Indictment – Trial Chamber – en IT-03-66 [2004] ICTY 7 (12 February 2004)“   European Court of Human Rights Judgement in Jorgic v. Germany (Application no. 74613/01) paragraphs 18, 36, 74   "Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court" International Criminal Court. July 1998.   Contributions by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to Development of the Definition of Genocide. Asoka De Z. Gunawaradana. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting (American Society of International Law). Vol. 94 (APRIL 5-8, 2000), pp. 277-279   We Charge Genocide: The Historic Petition to the United Nations for Relief from a Crime of the United States Government Against the Negro People. Civil Rights Congress. 1952.   "The Genocide Trap", Chicago Daily Tribune, 22 December 1951, p. 8   John Docker, "Raphaël Lemkin, creator of the concept of genocide: a world history perspective", Humanities Research 16(2), 2010   "White Turns Down State Dept. Bid", Baltimore Afro-American, 8 December 1951

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