S.2 Episode 3: Bertie Lourens

S.2 Episode 3: Bertie Lourens

Bertie Lourens is the Managing Director of Waste Plan which is a national on-site waste management company in South Africa. On this Zoom call with Daryl and J.Paul, he shares his own experience of a Generosity Path retreat and how it altered his perspective, as well as the radical changes he made after facing bankruptcy and a personal health scare. Hear how this has not only shaped his family life but also the way he structures his business, with God now being the majority shareholder. His story is one of profound personal transformation alongside the transformation that generosity has brought to his business and employees. “We’ve eventually seen that we’ve created a pathway out of poverty in our company... Once a person connects the dots, then we will come alongside them and we will pay for the education that that person desires.” 

Duration: 27 min

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