S.1 Episode 5: Jesus Sampedro

S.1 Episode 5: Jesus Sampedro

Jesus Sampedro is a leadership author, professor and trainer, with 15 years’ experience, who is a committed champion of the Generosity Path movement in Central and South America. Prior to his recent move to Oklahoma to become programme director for the Master of Arts in Leadership at Mid-America University, he and his family lived in Venezuela and in Mexico. In episode 5 of the podcast, J.Paul and Daryl interview Jesus over Zoom about how generosity plays out amid the complexities and challenges of life in Venezuela and Latin America more broadly.  “When you think in terms of what should be happening, the logical thing would be that the country would be a beneficiary from the generosity of some other people. But to see that people inside Venezuela are getting excited about spreading that message is something that blows my mind... It’s really beautiful what the Lord is doing.” 

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