S.1 Episode 4: James Yen and Jonson Sun

S.1 Episode 4: James Yen and Jonson Sun

James Yen is based in Taipei and is part of the GIC Merchant Bank Corp and a prolific entrepreneur who has established businesses all over the world, across multiple sectors, notably including the food and beverage sector which is his passion. Jonson Sun, born in China and now living in Canada, is the Founder and President of GIC Merchant Bank, and is closely involved with a number of philanthropic and faith-based organisations globally. In this Zoom chat with J.Paul and Daryl, James and Jonson explain some of the lessons they’ve learned about generous giving which have informed how they structure their businesses.  “Generosity redeems relationships between people... I see generosity as love in tough situations, so that’s very key. That really helps people rebuild this spiritual link.” 

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