S.1 Episode 3: Dee Dee Chan and Harry Wind

S.1 Episode 3: Dee Dee Chan and Harry Wind

Dee Dee Chan is the MD of Park Lane Capital Holdings and the Director of the Seal of Love Charitable Foundation, and Harry Wind is the Director of Business Development for UBP Asset Management in Asia. Dee Dee and Harry are based in Hong Kong and have long been champions of Generosity Path in the Asia region. Over a Zoom call, J.Paul and Daryl hear them share their beautiful testimony of generosity, not only in a business context with their support of next generation philanthropists, but also through radical hospitality in their personal life.  “The fear is that if we give too much away that we won’t have enough... it’s very human to think that. And what I found is that there’s safety, there’s security in giving, because somehow when you give it comes back to you.”   

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