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Bob Moesta | Demand-Side Sales 101

Bob Moesta | Demand-Side Sales 101

About the Guest: Bob has been an innovator and building things for more than 40 years. He has worked with people like W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Genichi Taguchi, and Prof. Clayton Christensen, Jason Fried & Ryan Singer.  He is one of the principal architects of the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory.  Bob has continued to develop, advance, and apply the innovation framework to everyday business challenges in a wide range of industries. He has dedicated his life to developing products and services that help people make progress in their life. Bob has developed & launched over 3,500 products and sold everything from design services, software, and houses to consumer electronics, and investment services. He’s an adjunct lecturer at Kellogg School at Northwestern University, lectures on innovation at Harvard and MIT, and enjoys mentoring at incubators. Show Notes What “Jobs-To-Be-Done” Is? What Demand-Side Selling Is? How To Be a Better Consumer? Time Stamps: 00:00 - Introduction 02:42 - What allowed Bob to see the world from a different perspective 05:18 - What was the motivation behind writing his book 10:02 - What are the feeling and the theme of the book 13:08 - Supply-side selling vs demand-side selling - the Casper story 16:28 - Flip the way people think of sales - real selling feels like helping 19:33 - How to help people in their buying process 24:08 - The timeline for progress 27:34 - What causes people to buy? 28:59 - Types of motivations and the four forces of making progress 31:55 - How to sell from the buyer's perspective 36:16 - How to create demand in people 40:34 - What people think about Bob’s Moesta book Resources: Book: Twitter: Linkedin:

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