Generation Gab Ep. 60 - Millennials are OLD AF

Generation Gab Ep. 60 - Millennials are OLD AF

GENERATION GAB! It's the show where a millennial (Chase O'Donnell) and a gen X (John Lehr) talk about the differences of their generations. If for no other reason than to make each other laugh.  This week John and Chase have a surprise guest on. You guessed it! (Or maybe you didn't) It's Chase's sister, London. The millennial sisters both for the first time feel like they are getting old. So they gab about that. Also they touch on the election that is coming up! Enjoy the show!  Our sponsor is Mention our podcast at checkout for 5% off! Also, please check out Generation Gab's Patreon page You will find today's entire episode plus the video recording. Thanks to all of our lovely patrons who have already become part of the fam! 

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