Generation Gab Ep.57 - Special Guest David DeLuise

Generation Gab Ep.57 - Special Guest David DeLuise

GENERATION GAB! It's the show where a millennial (Chase O'Donnell) and a gen X (John Lehr) talk about the differences of their generations. If for no other reason than to make each other laugh. This week, you’ll be listening to a throw back. This is one of our favorite episodes and was featured on Vultures’ comedy podcast’s to listen to. We interviewed David DeLuise, an incredible actor and friend of Johns. We start out by going over his career and what it was like having  Dom DeLuise for a father and Selena Gomez for a "daughter". Then we play a game called What Would Gen X Do? Our sponsor is Mention our podcast at checkout for 5% off! Also, please check out Generation Gab's Patreon page You will find today's entire episode plus the video recording. Thanks to all of our lovely patrons who have already become part of the fam! 

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