Generation Gab Ep. 55 - I Can't Drive 55

Generation Gab Ep. 55 - I Can't Drive 55

GENERATION GAB! It's the show where a millennial (Chase O'Donnell) and a gen X (John Lehr) talk about the differences of their generations. If for no other reason than to make each other laugh. It's episode 55. John reminisces about the great song "I Can't Drive...55" Which leads into an in depth conversation about rock and heavy metal bands. Later Chase fills everyone in on her new job as a 911 call transcriber, and finally, John shares an article about things millennials are bringing back, including golf and tuna. Enjoy the show! Our sponsor is Mention our podcast at checkout for 5% off! Also, please check out Generation Gab's Patreon page You will find today's entire episode plus the video recording. Thanks to all of our lovely patrons who have already become part of the fam! 

Duration: 33 min

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