Generation Gab Ep. 52 - Gen Z Expert Jonah Stillman

Generation Gab Ep. 52 - Gen Z Expert Jonah Stillman

GENERATION GAB! It's the show where a millennial (Chase O'Donnell) and a gen X (John Lehr) talk about the differences of their generations. If for no other reason than to make each other laugh. Our sponsor is Mention our podcast at checkout for 5% off! Also, please check out Generation Gab's Patreon page You will find today's entire episode plus the video recording. Thanks to all of our lovely patrons who have already become part of the fam! This is a very special episode because John and Chase interview Jonah Stillman. He is a gen z expert and best selling author of the book Gen Z At Work. Jonah has so much to share about this upcoming generation: How the pandemic is really going to be a shaping factor for gen z, how they only have an attention span of 8.5 seconds, and how they are extremely competitive. Jonah gets into a lot of detail. It's just a really informative episode and we hope you enjoy hanging out with Jonah as much as we did!  Stay connected with Jonah Stillman:Instagram @jonah.stillman Book - Gen Z @ Work Website -

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