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#029: Tear Apart the Sky: Our Look at Fast Color

#029: Tear Apart the Sky: Our Look at Fast Color

Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. As 2020 rages on, your Generals feel like this needs reestablished a bit at times. Luckily they watched a movie that reaffirms it many times over. Fast Color is the story of 3 generations of black women with super powers, and how they can change the world. Unfortunately it seems that word didn't get out too much about this beautiful film. So go watch it come back and then inside we give our most 2020 read of this movie as we can find words for and leave feeling encouraged. We hope this film can do the same for all of you as well. Listen to more General Nerdery at www.GeneralNerdcast.com Check out all earVVyrm podcasts at www.earvvyrm.com Email us at generalnerderypod@gmail.com

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