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Geekdays #834: Week Starting April 1st

Geekdays #834: Week Starting April 1st

Now, this episode might be about the week that started on April first, but we make not a single reference to April Fools or the jokes told by the Internet At Large on said day. Instead, it's all about Apple, Body Parts, Garfield Phones and Human Engineering. Also, ... COME ON! Show notes and links: Should I stand or walk for an efficient ride? ( The severed feet found on beaches near Seattle and Vancouver, explained ( Garfield beach phone mystery solved after 30 years ( This Strange Quirk in Your Brain Could Explain Why You Can 'Hear' Silent Gifs ( Here’s why Apple is saying Spotify is suing songwriters ( Apple Arcade wants to slay the free-to-play monster iOS helped create ( Internal Documents Show Apple Is Capable of Implementing Right to Repair Legislation (

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