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Geekdays #833: Week Starting March 25th

Geekdays #833: Week Starting March 25th

"It's been a while", he said, remembering how often in the past he had spoken those very same words. "I come bearing news. News of the geeky variety. News to astonish and amuse; words to educate and entertain." The words sounded hollow in his ears and he hoped nobody would hear the falseness in his tone. He was neither educational nor entertaining. At best, he spoke in trivia and puns, the lowest forms of both wisdom and comedy. But he smiled on, hoping that somebody would find some benefit in his efforts. That would make it all worth it - if just one person smiled. Show notes and links: : Games :: NES :: Paste ( GMS: Hubble Treasure Trove Sonification ( Police in Canada Are Tracking People’s ‘Negative’ Behavior In a ‘Risk’ Database ( Ice cores reveal huge solar storm struck Earth around 660 BC – Physics World ( This link has no title (

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