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Geekdays #831: Week Starting February 25th

Geekdays #831: Week Starting February 25th

It seems every episode begins with an excuse for why we're late, so here goes... Sorry about this; I really thought we'd be on time this time around! We had our lineup of stories ready on Saturday, Breki had done his initial read-through on Sunday and was happy with how everything looked, but - come Monday - he started getting a nasty cold and couldn't do his read... So, until we've perfected the artificial intelligences that will replace him, that kind of a thing is pretty much a showstopper. Anyway, we're back on track and here's the episode for this past week! Show notes and links: An AI that writes convincing prose risks mass-producing fake news ( This Website Uses AI to Generate the Faces of People Who Don't Exist ( This Person Does Not Exist ( Behold, the Facebook phishing scam that could dupe even vigilant users ( With the best air pressure sensor ever on Mars, scientists find a mystery ( Samsung’s foldable phone is the $1,980 Galaxy Fold (

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