Geek Each Week #34: The SNES Classic Edition!

Geek Each Week #34: The SNES Classic Edition!

In this episode, we geek out on the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, Nintendo's next miniature plug-and-play console much like 2016's NES Classic, but for the legendary Super Nintendo Entertainment System! The SNES Classic, for $80, comes with the system preloaded with 21 games (including the never before released Star Fox 2) as well as two SNES styled Classic Controllers. In this episode, with special guest Hassan Ahmed, we talk about the roster, what games we're most looking forward to, what games we would have liked to see make the cut, and some SNES discussion in general. We wrap up the show with a mail time question from listener Elias. Thanks! Next Week's Topic: Nothing as cool as the SNES Classic... --- You can catch us on Twitter (@GeekEachWeek), Facebook (@GeekEachWeek), or drop us a line at! --- You can download the enhanced M4A of the show with album art and chapter titles at this mirror link here. Alternatively, you can download a standard MP3 of the show here.

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